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    Lao Fang set off a new round of new wind energy industry fan
    Release time:2017年07月28日

    To work as a representative of the professional fan fan Fang enterprise, also has to technological innovation, industrial upgrading has low carbon energy saving air in the summer, in order to improve the indoor air quality work and living environment has brought a new breakthrough.

    Lao Fang fan products belong to small products, but because of its wide application, and concern. Fan Lao Fang the introduction of the implementation of energy efficiency standards, has the positive significance to the development of technology products work Fang fan. Recently, our company as a domestic well-known fan motor manufacturers launched a patent "Lao Fang fan" series, the characteristics of the motor with high efficiency, low noise, long life, more effectively achieve the purpose of saving energy. On the market, the new product pipeline of the patent has been applied to the Lao Fang motor fan type fan, a listing of products, good response, the majority of consumer recognition and praise, has become a fan of low carbon industry (energy) of fresh air, Lao Fang fan has also become an important representative to lead the industry into the road of energy-saving fan.

    Lao Fang fan experts pointed out that with the upcoming national fan energy efficiency standards, innovation ability of enterprise in the field of expertise and technical barriers to the core fan, fan fan Fang to work as the representative of the fan manufacturers, actively seeking breakthroughs in product technology, new energy-saving work will set off a new round of industry fan fang. And this will also bring about a new look for the upgrading of the whole industry's technological level and industrial upgrading, and further promote the implementation of the national energy conservation policy, and establish a national energy-saving image.