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    On the improvement of indoor air for ventilating fan
    Release time:2017年07月28日

    10 years ago, when Premier Wen Jiabao indoor environment relationship between the health of residents, Home Furnishing living environment and life style with the time changed, the consumer demand for Home Furnishing environment becomes more and more strong.

    It is reported that, for the pursuit of high-quality home living environment for users, the home air environment is still a widespread problem, and plagued our normal health, whether you are in the vicinity of the situation:

    1., after the kitchen room closes lampblack machine, still can produce lampblack smell, and peculiar smell is prolonged, do not scatter;

    2. indoor ventilation is not smooth, I feel the air is not fresh;

    3. rainy days, indoor environment is easy to damp, more prone to mildew;

    4., bathroom ventilation is not complete, residual odor, and occasionally stench......

    Just think, if we want to solve these problems, how should our ideal fan? -

    (traditional fan: 1 machine 1 space fan)

    (fan in our ideal should be like this:)

    (space synchronous fan)

    (1) fan can not do much space synchronous breathing?

    The traditional fan -

    Fan general family is only one outlet, is a traditional "1 space 1 integrated ceiling ventilation" traditional fan mode, namely the traditional fan can only meet in the kitchen or bathroom single space ventilation, so that the whole room will cause incomplete ventilation. But if the traditional fan to achieve a more thorough Home Furnishing ventilation, must increase and install the fan number, so, when the number of fans operating at the same time, not only the noise, and the cost will be increased accordingly.

    The ideal fan should be like this:

    If there is a fan can completely change the pattern, the installation of 1 sets of fan can satisfy the synchronous multi space ventilation, so that ventilation is not more thorough. For example, only the installation of 1 sets of fan in the bathroom, the boot can satisfy the bathroom, bedroom, living room space 3 thorough ventilation, not only that, but also eliminate noise. Therefore, we should be in the ideal fan can realize synchronous machine 1 space ventilation......

    (2) fan can not do the strength of gear can be adjusted automatically?

    The traditional fan -

    The traditional fan only a high-end switches, and must be "open when people go off", so, some ventilation is not completely. For example, when leaving the toilet closed fan, there are residual odor, occasionally odor.

    The ideal fan should be like this:

    If the switch has a fan is intelligent, but also many stalls, can effectively solve this problem. For example, from entering the toilet open fan intelligent switch to leave the toilet, do not have to close the ventilation fan switch, ventilation fan can be 30 minutes running gear, and then automatically jumped into the low level, so the residual odor or odor can not completely remove! Therefore, the switch fan in our ideal should be intelligent, but also many stalls......

    (3) fan can not do the air inlet can be adjusted?

    The traditional fan -

    In addition to the traditional fan gear can not be adjusted, the air inlet is not adjustable, so that the traditional fan can only be used for kitchen or bathroom to exclude odor, however, when the room door closed in poor ventilation, the air is not fresh, rainy days easy to damp indoor environment more susceptible to mildew;

    The ideal fan should be like this:

    If there is an air inlet fan can also be adjustable in size and power, it can keep 24 hours of continuous operation, for example, when you are in the bedroom and interior doors and windows closed, at the same time, you want to have Everfount fresh air added, at this time, you can put the fan into the bedroom the air down, so, not only can rest in a Everfount fresh air feeding, but also quietly in the bedroom to rest......