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    What is the classification of ventilator and ventilation?
    Release time:2017年07月28日

    Fan is a fan driven by the motor driving rotating airflow, a kind of air conditioning appliance indoor and outdoor air exchange, also known as fan. Generally installed in walls or doors and windows, the exhaust of indoor air or inhalation of outdoor air. The purpose of ventilation is to remove the foul air in the room and regulate the temperature, humidity and sensory effects. The following is a detailed explanation of small ventilation fan and fan ventilation mode of classification:

    So what is the classification?

    According to the classification of the inlet and exhaust fan:

    Partition wall: both sides of the partition wall are free space, from the side of the partition to the other side of the ventilation

    Catheter exhaust type: one side from the free space intake, while the other side through the catheter exhaust

    Duct inlet type: one side through the duct inlet, and the other side to the free space, the exhaust duct type (fan) on both sides by placement of a catheter, catheter inlet and exhaust

    According to the classification of fan airflow form:

    Centrifugal: the air enters in parallel with the direction of the rotating shaft and is expelled in the direction perpendicular to the axis

    Axial flow: the air enters parallel to the axis of rotation and remains parallel to the axis

    Cross flow: air intake and discharge are perpendicular to the direction of the shaft

    What is the classification of ventilator and ventilation?

    What are the ventilation fan?

    Ventilation fan discharge type, suction, and type three.

    Discharge type into the air from the natural inlet, discharge the dirty air through the fan; suction fan through the inhalation of fresh air, discharge the dirty air from the natural exhaust port; and is gas suction and exhaust are accomplished by ventilator.

    The amount of air exchange and the number of ventilation in different places need different ventilation rate. The amount of fresh air needed for a person or per square meter is called the required volume of air change. The number of fresh air changes in 1 hours is called the number of changes.