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    Fan Installation Tips
    Release time:2017年07月28日

    Now many of the indoor air circulation and when our society is not very smooth, then there is a fan of the indoor air quality, seriously affect our physical and mental health, so it is necessary to improve indoor air exhaust fan, you need to choose health and safety. But also to understand the fan installation, as well!

    At present, the market of the fan type are many, such as louver fan, window type fan, ceiling fan and so on. In fact, different installation methods can be used in different ways. In general, there are three kinds of fan, that there are three kinds of installation: ceiling type, window type and wall type

    The best way, a ventilation fan:

    The key position of 1, and the whole air vent fan, fan is located away from as far as possible in the supply port. Local ventilation, ventilation as the object space is small, as far as possible in the near place settings from fan vents, reduce the impact on other aspects. The utility model is suitable for buildings, indoor parking lots, boilers, power supply rooms, mechanical rooms, kitchens, warehouses, etc..

    2, in the bathroom or toilet installed fan: in the bathroom and toilet ventilator installation, must be set (except for the row and vent outside). Suitable for cleaning rooms, toilets, mechanical cooling, etc..

    3, in the semi sealed type combustion apparatus room ventilator installation: in cold places, installed with a chimney stove without appropriate vent, once the power conversion fan, chimney into the vents, waste gas flow chamber is very dangerous. Suitable for kitchen, toilet water, housing and cafes etc..

    Note two, fan installation:

    Different fan ventilation method, its meaning is different. When the fan is the ventilation fan, through replacing the whole room air to reduce indoor air pollution.

    When the fan is local ventilation, ventilation is ventilated to local room within the household or part of the object. In the kitchen, bathroom, exhaust Restroom, toilet when the fan of pollutants (combustion gases, moisture, smoke, odor and other places of local ventilation). If you are in a separate room in the living room, it is the individual ventilation of individual objects.

    You should read the instructions carefully before use, after the power is switched on, the ventilator should be able to start smoothly; if the electric fan does not rotate after still, should check the motor internal fuse is disconnected, the wiring is correct, firm. After the above reasons are still not turned, the electrical professionals should be checked.

    Fan should be installed in the ground height of 2.3 meters above the high temperature is not close to the source of local installation must be reliable and firm.

    When using the power socket, power line plug is connected with the ventilator should comply with safety standards.

    When the fan power line directly with the power line connection, can be mounted on the contact distance of at least 3mm all pole power switch power supply line.

    In the power line, the yellow green double color line is the grounding wire, must have the good grounding, its connection should be carried on by the electrical professional. Remove the fan or cleaning, you must first cut off the power.

    Fan in the maintenance or repair must ensure that the power supply has been turned off. Please do not use water to clean the electrical components such as switches and motors. The cleaning of metal paint or plastic parts can be cleaned by soft cloth and soapy water. No organic solvent such as benzene or gasoline can be used.

    Plastic fan fan, especially not higher than 60 degrees Celsius hot water immersion. The motor is found to be faulty in operation. The power supply should be cut off and the maintenance personnel should be checked and maintained. When the fan is the product quality problems, please find the normal service and maintenance of customer service channels.